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ZePlanner Overview

ZePlanner makes your team management and creation of staff rosters easier.

For instance, manufacturing and general trade companies can maintain a clear and quickly accessible overview of their staff rosters with ZePlanner.

Time management software and its advantages

ZePlanner has an integrated order cost calculation function which will help you react to new staff management situations more quickly.

  • You save time: Assign new tasks within seconds. You can create new timetables and staff rosters in a fast and efficient manner.
  • You save money: A suitable assignment of tasks and staff will avoid expensive overtime and idle time.

Create your staff rosters – with a 30 day free trial

zweieck offers three versions of the team management software ZePlanner: ZePlanner Eas, ZePlanner Standard and ZePlanner Pro (comparison table).
No matter how large and complex your organisation or company is – we will find the optimal solution for your team management and scheduling and quickly implement your individual requirements.

Get the free trial of our team management software for 30 days!

ZePlanner – your team management software

With just one click, you will be able to see an overview of your employees’ task assignments, of the distribution of your vehicles, machines, and of your order cost calculation data. You will know exactly

  • where your employees and your vehicles are and how long they will be there
  • when your machines are in use
  • if you are still within the time schedule and the costs calculated for the order

Access all necessary information through the time management software comfortably. Inform employees about changes via text message or e-mail and reach them quickly. ZePlanner is your safest and most efficient tool for team management.

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