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ZePlanner FAQs

Have any doubts about the Scheduling Software Program ZePlanner? Check the frequently asked questions.


Why is ZePlanner useful?

You can employ ZePlanner – Staff Scheduling Software practically in any sphere of a company where information has to be collected, edited and distributed. For instance, you can record external orders in the customer service, which will be supplemented with internal requests and finally organised by the group leader. Each employee will automatically receive detailed information […]

Can I customise ZePlanner according to my requirements?

ZePlanner – Staff Scheduling Software offers a high degree of customisation, from the configuration of employees and users to the manifold user settings (colours, fonts, performance,…). You can also freely adapt the print-out via a simple HTML editor according to your preferences. This results in a smooth integration of the print-out style into pre-existing layouts and […]

What to do after the installation

We recommend the following steps after installating ZePlanner – Staff Scheduling Software: 1.) Enter employee data ZePlanner includes one default entry for employees in the distributed version. You can edit this entry according to your preferences and add further employees. Choose labour times and group affiliations. It is recommended to set the standard labour times […]

What is the difference between the trial version and the licensed one?

The trial version offers the full functionality of a licensed version. The only difference is in the length of the utilisable period – for instance, you can only select days between the installation date and thirty days after in the timetable. Furthermore, the number of employees, orders and entries in the timetable is limited. The […]

How do I get a licensed version?

To purchase ZePlanner – Staff Scheduling Program, please use our ordering form or send an e-mail to office(at) You can find the current prices and conditions here.  

How does a licensed version work?

The licensed version incorporates all functions you have encountered in the ZePlanner trial version. However, there are no more restrictions. When ordering a licensed version, you can also select the operating system (Windows/Linux/Mac) and the database (SQLite, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres as well as practically any database with an ODBC-interface).    

Which operating system do I need to use ZePlanner?

ZePlanner – Staff Scheduling Software Program works with all Windows versions starting with Windows 98 (98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003). It also supports all Linux variants (SuSE, Fedora, Ubunto, Gentoo, ..) as well as Mac starting from OS X.    

Which databases does ZePlanner use?

ZePlanner – Staff Scheduling Software is available for a variety of common databases. The following databases are supported: MS SQL Server MS Access Oracle MySQL IBase Postgres Sybase DB2 SQLite You can thus easily integrate ZePlanner into your IT-landscape. The integration and synchronisation of existing client databases from ERP-systems through the ZePlanner Sync interface is […]

Can I switch databases?

The ZePlanner trial version is available with SQLite only. If you purchase a licensed version, you can choose from the list of database systems above. However, this setting cannot be changed after delivery.  
ZePlanner FAQs
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