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ZePlanner 5.0 is out!

Get the latest version of ZePlanner, the efficient team management software
With the new version of their staff scheduling software ZePlanner, Zweieck have re-designed the user interface completely. ZePlanner 5.0 is now available in German, English and Portuguese. Visit the new website and download the full version for a trial run of 30 days. Take a look at the support section on the website and find out more about ZePlanner – also in German, English and Portuguese! After the trial period, you can purchase the team management software in our online shop.

A suitable staff schedule increases productivity
ZePlanner helps you to schedule work hours more efficiently. You will be able to utilize all available hours in full, which will contribute to reducing your personnel costs. If you plan work assignments appropriately, the productivity of your employees will rise, whereas idle time will decrease. With our software, you will be able to complete your planning in a shorter time and a more efficient manner than ever before, thus increasing the profitability of your company.
Costs at one glance – with ZePlanner
ZePlanner includes the tool ACalc, which offers a clear overview of the costs incurred by each order. ACalc ensures that you can monitor costs more quickly and save additional time as a consequence.
Staff scheduling for every business
Owing to its versatility and its continuous adaptation to client requirements, ZePlanner can be used in any business sector. It is especially suited for team management in the service sector. While our clients’ businesses are quite varied, many of them are in the area of technical maintenance, plumbing or electrical services. Over the years, their feedback has been very valuable and helped us to perfect the ZePlanner software.

ZePlanner is available for businesses of all sizes:

  • The Easy version is suitable for one planner managing a group of up to 10 people
  • The Standard version supports up to 5 team leaders and up to 20 employees simultaneously.
  • The Pro version can be used for an unlimited number of planners and employees. It offers further options such as interfaces with ERP systems and Microsoft Outlook or Google Mail for appointment scheduling.

Easy, fast, and user-friendly

Our clients appreciate quick and simple software handling. In order to ensure that ZePlanner is user-friendly, we asked several people with years of software experience to test our staff scheduling application. Compared to similar software, they found our product to be easier and more intuitive in everyday use.

About Zweieck
Zweieck is an Austrian company providing IT services with a specialty in databases and real-time programming. Founded in 2004, the software company has since developed several successful applications. These include ZeFlex, an alternative to MS Access, BefundPost – a platform for transferring laboratory results between medical doctors and their patients – and the team management software ZePlanner.

It is the aim of Zweieck to provide efficient software development for private and business clients at a fair and sensible price.

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