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ZePlanner Quick Start Tutorial

Prerequisite: you have installed ZePlanner – Staff Scheduling Software (on your PC or in the network).
More information about the installation.


Step 1: Login

At the first login, your username and the password are both admin. Click on OK to start ZePlanner – Staff Scheduling Software.     The following short instruction manual will describe the first steps of using ZePlanner staff scheduler. If you want to hide the short manual, please click on the box next to Hide […]

Step 2: Change password

Go to Settings–> Users to open the window Users.           Right-click on the user admin to open the context menu. Please select Change password.                 You can change your password in this window. Please enter admin in the Old password box and then enter […]

Step 3: Enter employees

To enter employee data, please open the window Employees first (Settings –> Employees).             Open the context menu by a right-click into the blank part of the window. Select Add employee in the context menu.             Enter all employee data in the window Edit employee […]

Step 4: Enter orders

Press the F2 key to open the window for a new order (Order #, with # representing the number of the order). Please enter all data relating to the order here. This is also the window where you enter the client data and (if different) the property data. If you click on Search, then the […]

Step 5: Assign orders to employees

If you want to allocate orders to employees, move the order via drag&drop from the Order overview onto the respective employee in the timetable. The order is now allocated to that employee and can be moved or lengthened/shortened at will.

Step 6: ACalc order costing

Right-click on an order in the order overview and select Order costing (alternatively: Orders –> Order costing) to open the window Order costing. After selecting a specific order from the order selection, you can enter the income and the costs. Open the window Income by clicking on the button Edit income, then right-click in the […]


ZePlanner – Staff Scheduling Software is now ready for a productive implementation! Enjoy this work schedular for the fastest and simplest way of workforce management.   by Zweieck Software
ZePlanner Quick Start Tutorial
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