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2. The idea behind it

Many kinds of software deal with staff scheduling as well as task assignment. However, ZePlanner workforce management software stands out among other similar programs.

What makes the ZePlanner special?

The main difference to other staff scheduling software is the timetable, the core of the ZePlanner. As a timetable software it offers all necessary information at a single glance, such as staff presence and order allocation. The high usability and visual clarity of ZePlanner allows you to customize the design and arrangement of the timetable according to your own individual needs.

In addition to a description, an order also contains full client and property details. As a result, the user profits from an integrated client database. Recurring orders can thus easily access the existing data by means of extensive search options. It is the user who decides which data will be saved.

Assign your orders in a quick and easy way. Just click on an order and pull it over to the field of the respective employee – the graphic solution with its drag&drop-function will make the cumbersome entering of time and duration a thing of the past.

With ZePlanner staff scheduling, necessary adjustments will be minimal. Its easy handling and the synchronizing function which incorporates your existing data into its database render ZePlanner a program which does not pose any operating difficulties, not even at the very beginning. Discover how uncomplicated workforce management can be!

ZePlanner staff scheduling offers a straightforward, clear and timesaving way to manage your staff assignments – just see for yourself!


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